MaxiMuscle Cyclone

Maximuscle Cyclone

Maximuscle Cyclone










  • Great Ingredients
  • Super Tasty
  • Decent Flavours


  • Very Expensive
  • Proprietary Blend

I’ve tried out a load of different all-in-one style protein supplements over the years. Usually, because I pick up the cheapest option, they are guff.

So, for this review I’ve picked up Cyclone, an all-in-one from one of the UK’s best known brands, Maximuscle.

I’m a big fan of Maximuscle and have used some great product from them over the yeas. So, let’s see how Cyclone measures up against the competition.


Active Ingredients

BioMax True Protein, Creatine Monohydrate, Calcium HMB, Zinc, Glutamine.



The bulk of Cyclone formula is made up from Maximuscle’s Biomax Whey True Protein mix, which is a proprietary blend of a couple of different whey protein sources.

I’m not crazy about proprietary blends as I like to know exactly how much of what is in my supplements. For this review, I tried to put that to one side and review the supplement with an open mind.

There’s 25g of protein per 60g serving with a mix of fast and medium digesting proteins. The mix felt great, digested easily and kept me feeling full for a couple of hours after.

The addition of 7g of BCAAs and 5g creatine provides a great boost to both performance and recovery and are really well dosed.

All in, I was really impressed with Cyclone. It seems like a really well thought out an all-in-one protein with a conservative, but effective, formula.

If they’d drop the secretive BioMax True Protein formula and just tell us what’s in the damn thing, I’d be way happier.



Maximuscle Cyclone comes in at £49.99 for a 1.26kg tub, which is roughly £39 per kilo.

While that might seem quite steep, you’ve got to remember that Cyclone is an all-in-one supplement designed to replace your protein, creatine and BCAA supplements.



Maximuscle Cyclone would totally be my staple post-workout protein shake. It’s got five solid flavours (I tasted Banana and Chocolate and loved them), it mixes really well and it digests super easily. The protein mix and content is good and the additions actually add something.

It would be that staple, if not for  the price.

If there isn’t a sale running, a tub costs £49.99 , which is crazy expensive.

Yes, it has great BCAA and creatine contents. Yes, it’s a good protein supplement. But it’s not plated in gold and it’s difficult to justify that price.