3 Phenomenal 30-Minute Workouts for Huge Legs

Legs are the guns of the lower body. Walk around with scrawny chicken legs and we’ll laugh behind your back. Get some tree trunks in your shorts, however, and you can strut through the gym with gusto!

If you’re looking for some new training ideas or some extra training motivation, we’ve got just the thing! Five crack personal trainers, brimming with outstanding training ideas.

Have a read, hit the gym and let us know how you get on in the comments!


Pegs of Steel — Richard Wilcock

Richard Wilcox

Ex-elite rugby league player, Richard Wilcox, retired from professional sports after an injury forced him from the field. After earning his bachelor’s and master’s from the University of Central Lancashire, Richard founded Flagship Fitness, a private gym specialising in strength and conditioning.

Set a nine-minute timer and work through as many sets as you can. After the nine minutes has elapses, rest for a minute then move onto the next superset.

To keep your exercises balanced, you can swap the supersets around on alternating workouts.


Exercise Reps
Superset A
Jump Squat 10
Jump Lunges 10
Burpees 10
Superset B
Bodyweight Squats 10
Lunges 10
Mountain Climbers 10


Functional Legs — Kim Ford

Kim Ford

Kim Ford is an ACE Certified personal trainer based in Los Angeles. She runs Operation MILF and specialises in helping moms get back in shape after having kids. Kim believes that feeling strong and fit provides women with the energy necessary to take care of a family, and it also brings back any confidence that may have been lost with the changes a woman’s body goes through during & after pregnancy.


Exercise Sets Reps
Smith Machine Set
Sumo Front Squat w/ Pulse 4 20
Close Stance Squat 4 15
Superset A
Kettlebell Swings 4 20
Good Mornings w/ EZ Bar 4 20
Superset B
Bulgarian Split Squat 4 12
Banded Wide-Stance Hip Thrusters 4 15

Lower Body Blitz — Rich McKeating

Rich McKeating is a former Royal Marines Commando, who served his country in the Iraq War of 2003. He left the Marines after serving four years in order to pursue a career in exercise. Rich has now worked as a personal trainer for 10 years, working out of a private studio in North Ferriby.

Rich’s workout keeps things super simple, using one complex exercise and one piece of kit to give you a full body workout in ten minutes flat.

Exercise Sets Reps
Front Squat 5 8 with 10 second pause every second rep
Side Loaded Kettlebell Lunge Walk 3 8
Stiff Leg Deadlift 3 8