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Sammy Dinneen Handbalancing Training Interview

Sammy Dinneen Handbalancing Training Interview

Sammy Dinneen looks like a gymnast. He’s lean, muscular and moves with a strange sort of weightlessness. However, he doesn’t perform like one. You see, Sammy’s a professional handbalancer. And if that doesn’t mean anything to you, I don’t blame you. It’s an incredibly niche

Ariel Fernandez CrossFit Training

Ariel Fernandez CrossFit Training Interview

Ten years ago, Ariel Fernandez was playing baseball with Baruch College in New York. Now he’s competing on CrossFit’s biggest stage against tens of thousands of world-class athletes. We sat down with the New York native to discuss what attracted him to the sport of

Joel Burgess Rugby Training

Joel Burgess Rugby Training Interview

“Rugby is one of the most brutal and physically demanding sports in the world,” says Joel Burgess, describing the sport that defined his fitness for years. “It’s similar to the physicality of American Football, but with no rest and no padding.” From the moment you