Body Care for Men: Myths and Truth

More recently, cosmetics for men was limited to triple cologne and toilet soap. Until the 90s of the last century, a man who uses creams caused ridicule. But, fortunately, times have changed, and the myth that a man doesn’t need cosmetics has faded into oblivion. Every representative of the stronger sex today must have body cosmetics for men. And all because men are also worthy to prolong the youthfulness of the skin, and look attractive and sexy for as long as possible.

cosmetics for men

Myth: the same body cosmetics for men and women

Many are sure that the production of a male cosmetics line is only a marketing move, therefore all jars for both women and men have the same content. Is it so? To begin with, the skin of men and women is different. Moreover, the use of special male cosmetics, such as Titan Gel, require increased attention to hygiene.

  1. Men’s skin is 25% denser than women’s, and therefore different in structure.
  2. In men, the sebaceous glands work more intensively, which makes the skin oily, prone to inflammation and rashes.
  3. The high density of collagen in male skin allows it do not age for a long time, however, when this process starts, wrinkles appearvery intensively, and it’s more difficult to deal with them.

What cosmetics should every man have?

In the women’s cosmetic bag you can find absolutely everything: from ordinary hygienic lipstick to some insanely expensive cream of the latest generation. In the male counterpart, at best, there is aftershave. But to look good, this is disastrously small. What means does a man need to preserve youth and beauty, says dermatologist Rachel Willian.

1. Means for washing (gel, foam)

Probably, it is not necessary to remind once again that our face, regardless of gender, is exposed to the environment every day, in other words, it gets dirty. Microparticles of dust clog pores, and given the fact that the skin on men’s faces is thicker, it has a greater number of sebaceous glands, and accordingly, is prone to oily, which in turn often leads to inflammatory processes and a deterioration in her health. In this regard, right purification comes to the fore. “Why gel, and not ordinary soap?” – men can ask a reasonable question. I will answer: because the gels act much more efficiently and gently on the skin of the face. Use such funds twice a day: morning and evening.

2. Tonic

The tonic is the final stage of skin cleansing, it dries oily skin, if necessary, helps to cope with problem areas where there are foci of inflammation.

3. Scrub

In addition to tonics and gels, at least once every seven days, the skin requires deeper cleaning. Why? With the help of washing gels and tonics, you will not be able to get rid of the main problem that is familiar to most men – black dots. In addition, the scrub helps to eliminate the ingrowth of hairs, cleans and tightens pores, improves local blood circulation, which leads to skin rejuvenation.

4. Aftershave

Rule number 1 – after shave lotion should not contain alcohol! Alcohol lotion mercilessly dries the skin, leads to disruption of the structure of the skin and redness. After shaving lotion should give a feeling of comfort, take care of sensitive skin after the procedure and have a very pleasant smell. It is best to purchase it complete with your toilet water.

5. Moisturizer

Now to the main thing! Even if you agree that you need a washing gel, and after shaving lotion is necessary, consider tonic and scrub to be an excessive luxury, do not refuse face cream. I’ll tell you a secret, moisturizing male skin is much more necessary than female skin. Especially when you consider the indisputable fact that it is rarely spoiled by proper cleansing. The skin is dry, loses moisture due to various reasons: improper lifestyle, abuse of bad habits, violation of the drinking regime, etc. All this affects the appearance and leads to premature aging. It is necessary to take care of yourself in order to look good, and a moisturizer is your No. 1 lifesaver. An additional bonus is a cream / gel for the skin around the eyes. And one more indisputable fact: according to statistics, men more often than women turn to plastic surgeons for help about blepharoplasty – eyelid correction. Eye cream will help to delay or nullify this problem due to proper care. Therefore, do not hesitate to buy men’s cosmetics in a pharmacy or perfume department of the store, especially moisturizers.

Not only the skin of the face needs hydration. To moisturize your skin in intimate areas, use Titan Gel. You can read the review below.

Male intimate hygiene

An integral part of body care is intimate hygiene. There are some general rules, as well as useful tips that will help men maintain cleanliness in the area of intimate organs.

How and what to wash?

At each shower, it is imperative to push the foreskin and wash the glans penis. Under it, smegma accumulates daily, which consists of moisture and dead epithelial cells. If it is not removed, it becomes a favorable environment for the development of microorganisms, which can lead to inflammation, such as:

  • balanitis – inflammation of the skin of the glans penis;
  • balanoposthitis – damage to the head and skin of the foreskin;
  • phimosis – narrowing of the foreskin and the inability to expose the glans penis (as a complication of balanitis and balanoposthitis);
  • skin diseases of the inguinal region and perineum.

For intimate hygiene, neutral pH products suitable specifically for men are suitable.

Hygiene before and after intercourse

Be sure to take a shower before and after sexual intercourse, thoroughly washing the genitals. This will protect partners from many diseases of the genital area. If there was unprotected intercourse, you can use the Miramistin.

Titan Gel Review

If you use an intimate lubricant, you must wash it off the skin after intercourse. However, there is such a cream as Titan Gel. This is an intimate lubricant for men, which can be used separately. Apply the product on the penis after a shower, massage lightly from the base to the head of the penis and leave until completely absorbed. This simple procedure will allow you to enlarge your penis by a few centimeters without surgery and health risk.

titan gel red and gold
Two versions of Titan Gel

The gel is available in two versions – Red and Gold. Red is more affordable, while Gold has a faster effect. Both versions are equally effective for prolonged use. You can buy Titan Gel on the official website. Other sources are considered unreliable because there is a high risk of getting a fake.

If you are interested in the features of ordering and delivery, for example, the Titan Gel price in India you can familiarize yourself with this information on the official website or using the review.

Correct underwear

Choose natural fabrics that reduce inguinal sweating. Avoid trendy tight-fitting swimming trunks. They pull the testicles up, which can lead to their overheating. As a result, spermatogenesis is disrupted, sperm become inactive.

These simple body care rules allow you to be healthy and sexually attractive at any age. Remember that men’s hygiene and the use of cosmetics is a daily necessity for every man, regardless of the circumstances.