Myprotein Impact Whey

Myprotein Impact Whey











  • Awesome Price
  • Great Quality Protein
  • Brilliant Flavours


  • Poor Mixability

If you are after a great value protein when the budget is a bit tight, Myprotein’s Impact Whey Protein is a popular choice.

After a couple of requests, I thought it was about time I put it under the spotlight to see how it stacked up against a pretty stellar reputation.

Active Ingredients

Whey Protein Concentrate (100%), Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin)


My first problem with Impact Whey was picking a flavour. There’s over a 50 different options, which is crazy for a budget whey!

Flavours range from the bizarre (Rhubard & Custard, Pecan Pie, Tirimasu) to the completely normal (banana, chocolate, strawberry). Hats off to Myprotein for turning the dial up to eleven!

I picked up a pouch of Chocolate Mint and it was pretty damn good. I didn’t have the highest expectations — it’s a budget whey, after all — but it actually tasted really solid.

Right, on to the good stuff.

Impact Whey is a super simple formula, containing premium, grass-fed whey protein concentrate, an emulsifier and some flavourings. No BCAAs, no creatine, no all-natural caffeine. Just whey, some stuff to keep it fresh and a little bit of flavour.

In every 25g scoop, 21g is protein, 1.9g is fat and 1g is carbohydrates. That’s damn clean, especially compared to a lot of other cheap wheys on the market.

Digestion wise, it was okay. As a concentrate, it digests quite a bit faster than an isolate but I didn’t notice any real difference.

The only drawback of Impact Whey is its mixability, which is, to be blunt, poor. Seriously, an industrial paint mixer is required if you want a lump-free drink.


If you buy it in bulk, Impact Whey Protein runs to about £10.99 a kilo, which is seriously cheap for a super clean whey protein supplement.

Most other wheys at this price point are either adulterated with loads of crap or prone to causing digestive havoc. Thankfully, Impact Whey does neither.


If you are after a super basic budget protein, look no further. Myprotein Impact Whey is cheap, tasty and has a great protein content.

Plus, there’s plenty of flavours to choose from so it’s easy to keep the taste fresh.