5 Awesome 10-Minute Whole Body Workouts

Stuck in a hotel? Mental at work? Kids eating up your free time? We’ve got some awesome workouts for time-strapped gym rats who want to keep their rigs in shape in ten-minute chunks.

If you’re looking for some new training ideas or some extra training motivation, we’ve got just the thing! Five crack personal trainers, brimming with outstanding training ideas.

Have a read, hit the gym and let us know how you get on in the comments!


Ten-Minute Total Body Blitz — Richard Wilcox

Richard Wilcox

Ex-elite rugby league player, Richard Wilcox, retired from professional sports after an injury forced him from the field. After earning his bachelor’s and master’s from the University of Central Lancashire, Richard founded Flagship Fitness, a private gym specialising in strength and conditioning.

Ten minutes isn’t a whole lot of time but it means the workout can be a bit less hectic and we can focus on a few more things.

This session is a nice little workout that hits every major muscle group, involving some upper body, lower body and core exercises.

A perfect short all round session that can be done anywhere!

Exercise Reps
Walking Lunges 20
Press-Ups 10
Bodyweight Squats 1-
Mountain Climbers 30
Leg Raises 5


Strong People Are Harder to Kill — Tommy Ardito

Tommy Ardito

Tommy Ardito is the head coach and co-owner of Brooklyn Health and Performance. He has been training clients of all levels since 2010 in Brooklyn, NY. He specializes in using corrective exercise to maximize strength and gives nutrition coaching for fat loss and muscle gain.

You only have ten minutes? Well even though your schedule is a shitshow, you still need to get strong!

Strong people are harder to kill and you can’t be so busy as to die young.

This is a stripped down but effective workout. We focus on big bang multi joint moves and variations that have very little fuss or set up time. Set the clock for ten mins and hit the weights.

Exercises Reps
Trap Bar Deadlift 5
Chain Push-Up 6
Chin-Ups (Weighted) 6
Body Saws 8


Keeping It Simple — Rich McKeating

Rich McKeating

Rich McKeating is a former Royal Marines Commando, who served his country in the Iraq War of 2003. He left the Marines after serving four years in order to pursue a career in exercise.

Rich has now worked as a personal trainer for 10 years, working out of a private studio in North Ferriby.

Rich has received much recognition for his work, he’s the winner of the Men’s Health Personal Trainer Award and has written articles for numerous publications.

Rich’s workout keeps things super simple, using one complex exercise and one piece of kit to give you a full body workout in ten minutes flat.

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Kettlebell Clean to Squat to Press 5 5/4/3/2/1 30 seconds


Bodyweight Circuits — Jason Debel

Jason Debel

Jason Debel loves calisthenics and is co-founder of bodyweight strength training store Urban Strength.

This 10 minute workout for strength incorporates slightly less conventional movements to challenge muscle groups you may not target as regularly with standard exercises. It’s intended for those who are on a tight time schedule but still want to get some high impact strength building movement into their day.

The focus of this workout is technique and moving slowly through the movements. Lower reps will encourage you to move more slowly, hence, increasing the pressure on your muscles and challenging you more. They are complete bodyweight exercises so no equipment is necessary.

This does not include a warm-up. Repeat the circuit twice.

Exercise Working Muscles Reps
Chin-Ups Back, Upper Body 8
Pistol Squats Core, Legs, Balance 5 on each leg
Close-Grip Push-Ups Triceps 8
Star Plank Chest, Shoulders, Abs 60 seconds
Spiderman Plank Crunch Core, Obliques 8 on each side


The Gym Power Special — David


When he’s not working on the new issue of Power, David is usually found in the gym, on the rugby field or in the physio room, treating another new injury. If we’re being honest, it’s usually the last one!

When you’re trying to hit your whole body, ten minutes really isn’t a whole lot of time. By cutting out equipment entirely, I’ve created a workout that minimises set up and maximises your actual work time.

Complete 20 reps of each exercise as quickly as you can then move onto the next. Once you’ve finished your mountain climbers, go back to jump squats and start again. Try to complete as many full circuits as you can!

Exercise Reps
Jump Squats 20
Press Ups 20
Burpees 20
Crunches 20
Mountain Climbers 20