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5 Fantastic 5-Minute Workouts for Weight Loss

Got an extra tire around your waist but no time to shift it? Boom! We’ve got you covered! If you’re after some bite-sized fat-busting workouts, we’ve got a bundle pre-prepared and raring to go. Have a read, hit the gym and let us know how

3 Phenomenal 30-Minute Workouts for Huge Legs

Legs are the guns of the lower body. ¬†Walk around with scrawny chicken legs and we’ll laugh behind your back. Get some tree trunks in your shorts, however, and you can strut through the gym with gusto! If you’re looking for some new training ideas

5 Awesome 10-Minute Whole Body Workouts

Stuck in a hotel? Mental at work? Kids eating up your free time? We’ve got some awesome workouts for time-strapped gym rats who want to keep their rigs in shape in ten-minute chunks. If you’re looking for some new training ideas or some extra training